11 Levels! Early access is on the horizon

Haven't had much time to curate this page and keep it up to date with the game. Let's change that very quickly. Over the past 9 months or so, what used to be a proof-of-concept has slowly turned into a serious, full-fledged project. Right now as of alpha version 0.3.6, PsiloSybil features 10 finished levels, +1 to be released soon, each filled with devilish challenges and secrets to explore.

This demo is still limited to only two of those, but that doesn't meant it hasn't changed alongside the full edition. Improvements to the engine, assets, animations, and interface, not to mention addition to those levels themselves, mean that even the demo has gotten bigger and hopefully better. There's simply too much new stuff for me to detail.

Here's the current level list:

  • Undergrowth Burbs - a quiet village on the floor of a giant forest, first level in the game
  • Roach Motel - safety-regulation evading hotel in a neon-lit city. Cortex Power-like maze of branching paths.
  • Citrus Falls - lemon juice rivers on floating islands
  • Mystic Castle - (in the demo) climbing the walls of an eastern fortress in a thick jungle
  • Boarsailles - (in the demo) 1700s style hog-infested lodge (with a hidden surprise in the basement)
  • Dessert Outpost - a chocolate themed ravine
  • Ham Dass - (Boss Fight) six-armed pudgy fiend
  • Pipe Dream - eerie walk among references to screensavers of the '90s
  • Haunted Lodge - halloween-themed level, with a spooky (and brutally difficult) chase sequence
  • Stone Cold - unforgiving platforming  in frigid climate
  • The Tower (WIP) - the spiral staircase up to the final boss. Outrageously difficult, no checkpoints, all the challenges from previous levels join forces to haunt you.

To give you an idea, at 18 finished levels (around the end of this year) we will leave the alpha stage for beta and the game will probably also be released on early access on Steam. At 25 levels, we can declare it officially finished, with plans to slowly continue adding content up to ~30 levels.

Please download the latest version of the demo and see how you like it. Or if you'd rather play through all of these levels, support me on Patreon, as that grants you access to the full version of the alpha (forever). In both cases, I do really appreciate your feedback, hit me up on Discord or Twitter and let me know!


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Version 0.3.6-d Apr 18, 2021

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