Many new levels

Let me be honest, I don't usually post here because the returns are marginal at best. BUT, if you only are following development on itch, you should now that this game has a lot of new content! Last time I posted we were at two levels, Mystic Castle and Boarsailles. Now, we have three brand new levels:

  • Citrus Falls - a not too tricky stroll through floating islands with lemon juice waterfall and strange plants and ruins
  • Pipe Dream - a somber, creepy homage to many screensavers of the '90s, engulfed in darkness and with tightly timed platforming
  • Haunted Lodge - a Halloween-themed spooky level, very challenging

check them out here

In addition, I'm working on a boss battle:

If you care about updates, I don't keep this page very well. Your best bets would be to hang around:

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Version 0.2.7 Oct 16, 2020

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